Roundtable on the European integration through the eyes of students and teachers

Tuesday, 19 November 2013, 12:54
On November the 7th at the National University of "Kyiv -Mohyla Academy" , a round table on the topic " European integration prospects ofUkraine : hopes and challenges" . The event was initiated by Kiev Society of the Ukrainian Catholic Students "Obnova" in cooperation with Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. "The purpose of the event - says the Confessor of Kiev "Obnova" and the organizer of the meeting is to create a platform for students to talk with experts of Ukrainian politics, church hierarchy and the representatives of civil society on the topic that is very interesting to students - the European integration process of Ukraine."

At the beginning of the meeting on behalf of the administration of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Professor Konstantyn Sigov welcomed all participants. Then the moderator of the meeting, Fr. Andriy Zelinskyi, SJ, a graduate student of political science of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, invited the participants of the round table to speak. Maria Yurikova, the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine, spoke about Ukraine's chances of signing an Association Agreement with the EU, and about the requirements needed to accomplish this. Yuri Derev'yanko , MP of Ukraine, member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on combating organized crime and corruption, sectarian member of deputies of the "European choice" spoke on the economic aspects of Ukraine's accession to the EU. The position of civil society was presented by Igor Kogut, political expert, the head of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives. Spiritual vision under discussion was highlighted by His Beatitude Sviatoslav ( Shevchuk ) and the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine, Archbishop Thomas Hallikson .

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Here are some thoughts about the roundtable voiced by students and teachers :

" I would put the main focus of the speech of His Beatitude Sviatoslav on this : it is necessary to debunk the myth that EU integration is a threat to a strong Christian family. Moreover, as the Head of UGCC said Europe Ukraine needs a healthy good Christian family no less than, because it is the key to a healthy society. Another interesting thing which was said by the Head of UGCC : lots Ukrainians that are at work in Europe are the apostles of Christ Church ... "

Khrystyna Shon’, the student of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, member of the Kiev Society "Obnova"

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"His Beatitude Sviatoslav stressed the need for discussion of priority values ​​for Ukraine - the debate in civil society of the country. It is very important that this debate takes place in a leading university of Ukraine and that it has attracted so many young people, because it is our future. The key issues of this meeting are hopes and fears. Speaking of hope, it should be noted that many Ukrainians tend to become disappointed very quickly if promises of politicians are not immediately fulfilled. But do not expect that tomorrow a solution of a powerful man will just make everything better or worse. In other words, neither political nor legal nor economic boom will not be even on the 29th of November. There will be something that is objectively caused by social, political and diplomatic background. We hope for the formation of Ukraine as a state in the world and we actively participate in its development. According to the words of Archbishop Volodymyr Sternyuk, no wicked time. We hope to build a true Christian society . As for fears, they are like fears of a patient that must undergo a medical examination and is afraid to learn the truth about him. Perhaps the challenges Ukrainian society is facing - and this refers not only to the association with the European Union - have to test and show us what kind of society we live in. When we talk about the fears of believers, it is the fact that lots of them grow before association with the European Union. However, no boundaries, no barbed wires, no associations can not affect the true principles of every Christian faith. Therefore, a calm, deliberate discussion is important above all. We should use the opportunity that God gives us, and accept changes. And this debate, the challenge changes us because we urge us to reflect on our nation and its future. As a result, we need to make Christianity became a builder of Ukrainian society."

Yaroslav Fedorov ,

The teacher of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy


Reported in the center of Kiev Academic Pastoral archdiocese