Head of UGCC: “With a death of Bohdan Havrylyshyn the whole epoch of titans of mind and intellectual work is going back to past”

Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 16:39
With a deep sadness I accepted news about a departure of the dearest husband, father, grandfather Bohdan Havrylyshyn to our Lord Jesus Christ to get an eternal reward. I would like to express my deepest sympathy with this loss and assure in prayers of the newly departed.

Is said in condolence letter of Head of UGCC to Lena Havrylyshyn at the death of her husband.

Head of Church reminded that recently Bohdan celebrated his 90th anniversary. Thousands of people and especially youth arrived for this celebration. “We were witnesses of what person, who trusts in God and live for Ukraine can accomplish”.

In his letter His Beatitude Svitoslav pointed out that “throughout his life, which was never that easy and peaceful, Bohdan was not only expecting better times, but put in considerable efforts, being able to create and develop projects which were fruitful, and for what he was respected around the world”.

The Major Archbishop says that with Bohdan Havrylyshyn’s death, the whole epoch of titans of mind and intellectual work is going go back to past. “With the death of Bohdan not only your family, but whole Ukraine became an orphan, which sadly says goodbye to its faithful son. Since we are believers, we must rejoice because longing for God’s mercy we hope that God prepared for the newly departed much more than he could reach here, on earth”.

The UGCC Department of Information


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