His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar) believes that the spirit of the Orange Revolution is still alive

Thursday, 24 November 2011, 17:01
“A few years have passed. We ask ourselves: foreigners from different parts of the world took an interest in the Orange Revolution, so why did we forget about it?” Lubomyr (Husar) asks rhetorically in his column in Ukrayinska Pravda.
“A few years have passed. We ask ourselves: foreigners from different parts of the world took an interest in the Orange Revolution, so why did we forget about it?” Lubomyr (Husar) asks rhetorically in his column in Ukrayinska Pravda.

"There is tension in the country. The president warned about possible armed clashes. What happened? Maybe we didn’t understand the revolution? Or maybe we need a bloody revolution like the French or October one? I don’t think anyone in our nation today is willing or wants to shed blood. I don’t think that we didn’t understand ... I suspect that some people just didn’t want to understand, tried to make it into a political spectacle,” said His Beatitude.

Archbishop Emeritus is convinced that perhaps now is the best time to understand "why after such a glorious 'revolution' we are where we were." "It’s high time we all learn that we have to love our fellow citizens and that in our country truth and justice should prevail. Only then will the world recognize us as a mature nation, and we will live not only in separate and independent state but also in a happy country,” he believes. His Beatitude asks people to remember what sort of revolution this was: on the central square of Kyiv gathered hundreds of thousands of people, some say even one million, residents of the capital housed complete strangers, not a single drop of blood was spilled, there were no broken windows, people with different views were greeted not with fists but flowers! Even though the event, known as the Orange Revolution, has passed, His Beatitude Lubomyr is convinced that its spirit is still alive. "So we all – from the oldest to the youngest – should turn this spirit into action. How? Respect each citizen, tell the truth, give everyone what belongs to him,” said Lubomyr (Husar).

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