His Beatitude Lubomyr: “If there is no dialogue, it will result in more bloodshed”

Saturday, 25 January 2014, 14:16
Archbishop Emeritus His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar) believes that the only resolution of the critical situation in Ukraine lies in dialogue.

This he said on the air of Hromadske TV on  January 22nd, Day of Independence in Ukraine, in answering the question of what resolution of the situation does he see.

“The only resolution of this situation in Ukraine – the possibility of talking, dialoguing, searching jointly for the truth.  If this does not exist, then there is no other way to resolve the conflict.  If there is no such desire from both sides, then it will result in more bloodshed.  I don’t know, maybe someone wants this, maybe this is their answer, maybe someone wishes that blood be shed.  If the bodies of the dead do not speak to their conscience, then we can expect more  deaths.  Thus, the answer is in a dialogue -- and once again --  in a dialogue” emphasized Ukraine’s spiritual leader.

He also reminded all that the authorities should understand that they are also a part of the people.  “Authorities are people, who are delegated to sit behind the steering wheel, but this driving should be with full responsibility for the authentic good: peace, preservation of rights, protection from assaults.  Whoever has the authority accepts this heavy burden and has to answer for it,” assures Archbishop Lubomyr.

 He contends that a true dialogue has not yet taken place and its lack has resulted in the loss of lives of several people.  However, it is never too late to begin a dialogue, believes His Beatitude Lubomyr.  To the question of the journalist of whether he personally tried to meet with President Yanukovych, His Beatitude answered that such a step was initiated by the group of  First of December.  “An initiative group of First of December turned to the President in order to hold a dialogue, to discuss this situation.  I don’t see particular value in talking to staff members -- one has to talk to the President who is definitively responsible and who is the guarantor of the Constitution.  He took an oath on the Bible and on the Constitution that he will serve these people.  As far as I know AUCCRO has also turned to the President since they also want to have a direct meeting with the President, in order to find ways of resolving the problem,” said his Beatitude Lubomyr.


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