His Beatitude Lyubomyr called Ukrainians to work and pray

Wednesday, 11 December 2013, 15:00
Archbishop Emeritus Lubomyr (Guzar) made a speech to millions of Ukrainians, who were on Independence Square in Kiev and told Ukrainians a proverb: Work as if everything depends on you, and pray to the Lord as if everything depends on him

He welcomed " warmly " everybody on the Independence Square and all the streets of Ukraine and the world.

"It is clear to all of us, who assembled here, that Ukraine needs a big change. Maybe someone asks you where those changes come from? Maybe someone will give them to us or fight for them? No. These major changes, which we desire, because our country and the people truly need them, must be won by ourselves", - the spiritual leader of Ukrainians said.

Appealing to people His Beatitude remembered a proverb, which he heard first in North America, and later - in different states, among other nations, and more recently in Ukraine.

"This saying is simple, but has a profound meaning : work as if everything depends on you and pray to the Lord , as if everything depends on him ," - said the spokesman .

He said that for younger generation to work means, first of all, to know what the normal state is. And for the older generations - to make a profound analysis of the situation, to understand what to do.

"When we work, we understand what we want» - he says.

The second part of the proverb - pray as if everything depends on God. "Our prayer is not a request to God to change something. We pray to God to ask him to realize the things that belong to us from time immemorial. Prayer is a request for God to accomplish that he established when we started to be an independent nation. Pray to God is of critical importance for us. We comprehend nothing without a prayer "- said the Archbishop Emeritus.

"So Dear community, I want to beg you ... not only I but also the initiative group" First of December “: work as if everything depends on us, let us pray like everything depends on the Lord “- called His Beatitude.

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