His Beatitude Sviatoslav encourages parents to advocate for a program of Christian ethics in schools

Thursday, 02 September 2021, 09:57
I encourage everyone to advocate for classes of Christian ethics, at catholic schools in particular, and remind that parents have a right to demand from the government to have their children be raised up to particular values in state educational system. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the UGCC asserted during an online meeting with principals of Catholic schools held on August 30, 2021 and shared it on his Facebook profile.

The Head of the UGCC told that a question of teaching Christian ethics at schools was a number one priority to discuss during all meetings arranged between All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Ministry of Education.

“Previous chairmen of Ministry of Education considered it unnecessary to have a separate lesson, alternatively, all disciplines which are taught must include worldview aspect based on some values. An education reform has been carried through for it. However, we were discussing the need of a separate lesson with a goal to raise up children up to some values. We haven’t reached an agreement so far, yet the minister promised us to stay open for a question of Christian ethics”, said the Head of the Church.

His Beatitude mentioned that Christian ethics is a sort of inter-confessional product. AUCCRO, in due time, has agreed to make it a common platform where all participants base their presence in an educational system.

The UGCC Department for Information



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