Over two thousand settlers from the East and Crimea are registered in Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy

Saturday, 15 November 2014, 16:21
The project "Settlers" is coordinated by Olena Dolzhykova. This topic is well known for her, because two weeks ago the woman herself as a settler came to Kolomyia. Now she is an employee of Caritas - she helps people who, looking for peace and a better life, fled from war.

"These people have a great psychological trauma because they have seen firsthand the fighting and killing of people. First of all a psychologist works with them, and then we provide the help which we can"- says Olena.

"The hometown of this woman - is Antratsyt in Lugansk region. Her home and work she left in August, after the first air strike. Until recently she lived in Odessa, now she is in Kolomyia, currently lives with her friends. In the near future she plans to rent an apartment. At least she is lucky with her work - says the settler: "Like all immigrants, I came to register in Caritas. Then asked questions about the job because in Antratsyt I also worked at the center, which was involved with the help. With Sergiy (Director) we had a talk and he agreed to employ me. I really like being here, the team is very good. Now I'm doing fundraising for the settlers. We prepare charity events, special letters and through television appeal to concerned people for help".

The project  "Settlers" in Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy works since May. For people who came from Donetsk and Lugansk regions and Crimea,they are looking for accommodation, in some cases pay rent, public utilities, give good bags. Perhaps the greatest problem is with the employment of immigrants. Also, now it is a great need for food, toiletries and warm clothing. If anyone can get involved - in Caritas they will be very grateful.

Two hundred and forty families are more than a thousand people already receive all possible assistance from Caritas. Approximately the same number of people are waiting for their turn. The main donors of the project - the Germans, and not less contribution is made by the local patrons. "We need to dress more than 800 settlers from the East and Crimea. So I want to appeal to the concerned people to help us provide warm clothing for children and women in difficult conditions", - said Olena Dolzhykova.

Reported by Maryana Matskiv

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