“Private pension fund “Pokrova” provides for an old age suspended funds, without inflation”, - father Oleksa Petriv

Saturday, 16 May 2015, 20:40
On 12th of May, in Kyiv, was held a press-conference called “A pension reform. An establishment of a collecting system: perspectives and results”. Among the leading experts reporting on this problem, was father Oleksa Petriv, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations of UGCC in Ukraine, the secretary of the Council of Private pension fund “Pokrova”.

As a priest has told, after beginning of the 90th people started appealing to the Church with a problem of considering their future in old age, the Synod of bishops of the UGCC, in 2003, took a decision to examine a question about a pension security and possibilities of Church to take part in this problem, raised by a faithful of the Church.

“This question had been exploring for five years. Finally, in 2008 the Church leadership took a decision to establish a Private pension fund “Pokrova”, - added he. There were a lot of reasons for that. First of all, clergymen were trying to contribute to the financial assurance of people’s future in old age. Besides, Church was trying to help the government because funds accumulated on personal accounts of every participant of this pension fund, are also funds, working for economy. “These are funds that are helping our country to raise”, - stressed he. Furthermore, the participation in this pension fund has an “insurance character”. In case of a serious disease or any other risk for life, funds, collected on person’s account will help him to protect his life.

“With the help of Asset Management Company and the manager of a fund, Private pension fund “Pokrova” is meeting all the requirements, set before it. Fund guarantees collected for old age money from inflation. It means that profit of a Private pension fund “Pokrova” covers even this year high inflation”, - mentioned father Oleksa.

UGCC Department of  Information


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