Rossburn Ukrainian Catholic Women's League celebrated their 70th anniversary

Monday, 15 May 2017, 15:13
On Sunday, May 7, 2017, the Rossburn Ukrainian Catholic Women's League (UCWL) celebrated their 70th anniversary. The Rossburn league was organized in 1947 by the Rev. Roman Zakrawsky with 17 member

The league  with 22 members, continues to support and promote the same values and goals; strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada, preserving the Ukrainian culture in Canada, strengthening the spiritual dimensions of Canadian life and supporting programs of charitable action. Our anniversary commemorations began with the Divine Liturgy celebrated by Father Mykhaylo Khomitskyy, followed by a Panakhyda for the deceased members of the Rossburn UCWLC. 

Everyone was invited to a catered dinner being served in the lower level of the church.

The afternoon program was presented by Rossburn UCWLC President Marion Antoniw, and opened with greetings and prayers offered by Father Mykhaylo. After dinner and dessert, a pictorial video presented the history of the Rossburn UCWLC through the years. We thank Marion Antoniw and her family for their time and help in scanning the photos and adding the accompanying music.

Musical entertainment was then provided by three of our very talented parish youth, Cora Saley, Anna and Dominic Khomitsky.

Congratulatory greetings were presented by Archeparchial UCWLC President Margaret Ethier, the Rossburn Sacred Heart Church committee, and representatives from the Oakburn, Dauphin, Grandview and Portage La Praire UCWLCs.  

Rossburn UCWLC President Marion Antoniw presented 40, 20 and 10 year service pins to members of the Rossburn UCWLC.  Our final event of the day was a "silent auction" of lovely gifts donated by our generous sponsors. Our celebration ended by singing the hymn Mapiє Дівo благословенна (Our Blessed Mother Mary).

We extend a sincere thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 70th anniversary.

Louise Thibeault

Rossburn Pastoral District


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