The blessed Bishop Hryhorij Khomyshyn in the religious life of the Church and in the cultural public life of Ukraine

Saturday, 01 April 2017, 10:55
On March, 30 in the premises of the academic campus of the archeparchy, took place the All-Ukrainian research and practical conference "The blessed Bishop Hryhorij Khomyshyn in the religious life of the Church and in the cultural public life of Ukraine", devoted to the 150-th anniversary of the birth of the Bishop Hryhorij Khomyshyn.

The event was organized by Ivano-Frankivsk Theological University named after St.  John Chrysostom together with Precarpathian University named after Vasyl Stefanyk.

The conference started with a greeting word of Fr. Dr. Olexandr Levytsky,  rector of IFTU. Father -rector greeted all the guests who have gathered there in order to show the world the personality of the blessed Hryhorij Khomyshyn and to research his life and work. At this academic gathering were present the hierarchs:  Bishop Josaphat (Moshchych), Bishop -auxiliary of Ivano-Frankivsk Archbishopric, and also the ruling Bishop Vasylij (Ivasiuk) of Kolomyja-Chernivtsi eparchy.  The Bishops greeted all the lectors and guests and noted that Bishop Hryhorij is worthy of imitation both for the laity and clergy.

Afterwards, a venerable guest of this event  – rector of PNU named after V. Stefanyk, doctor of political studies Mr. Ihor Tsependa - with the greeting word addressed all who were present there.  Mr.Tsependa emphasized the importance of organizing similar conferences, which are a wonderful means of enriching and filling with cultural and intellectual resources for our Church and cultural leaders. 

It's worth noting that the first speaker was a fellow countryman of the Bishop Hryhorij, a lector from the faculty of history of Ukraine from Chernivtsi National University named after Fedkovych  – Mr. Olexandr Rusak. In his report he gave interesting facts from the biography of Hryhorij Khomyshyn, which had been confirmed by the evidence of his contemporaries.

The next speakers analyzed in detail the life and work of the blessed Hryhorij and presented to the audience numerous photos and documents, which had been united into a thematic exhibition.

Later, in her speech, s. Andreja Maslij, (Sisters of Mercy), told all the present about the tragic pages of history of this great devotee. A reverend sister, citing numerous documents of the NKVD (the Soviet Secret Police), described how the Soviet power incriminated him for espionage for Vatican, benevolence towards the German authorities and anti-Soviet actions. "Those years in the Bishop's life were marked by great trials but thanks to them Hryhorij Khomyshyn received  worthy praise from Jesus Christ – a crown of martyrdom and eternal life in His Kingdom," stressed the speaker.

The first part of the conference finished with the thanks and presenting medals and diplomas to the speakers on the part of the rector of IFTU  – archpriest Olexandr Levytsky.

A little later, the second part of the conference began, which was held in the form of sections. All the researchers and listeners were divided into groups. Each group was working on its topic with depth. This part of the conference aimed to  analyze the works of the blessed Bishop Hryhorij with maximum quality, and also to analyze the situation in which our Church is being now.





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