The Cross and the Icon of World Days of Youth first arrived to Ukraine

Thursday, 11 September 2014, 11:55
"So I congratulate you, Ukrainian youth, the hope of our Church and our nation. The signs of God's presence among you here today are gaining the special importance for all of us"- addressed His Beatitude Sviatoslav during a sermon to young people, present in St.George's Cathedral in Lviv, on September 7.

"Today, in this holy temple for the first time in history are present the Cross and the Icon of World Youth Days, which travel around the world. On the Day of Youth, which gathers the Pope Francis in Kraków in 2016, but these signs of youth unity around the world are now here, in this holy temple", - said the Head of the Church. At the end of the Liturgy he chrismated WYD Symbols.

The Cross and the Icon, donated by the saint John Paul II to the youth of the world, brought Latvian youth for Ukrainians. The official transference of WYD Symbols to the Youth of UGCC and the RCC took place on September 6. The Reverend Bishop Brian Bayda, the Chairman of the Synodal Youth Committee emphasized that the presence in Ukraine WYD Cross and Icon is particularly important, taking into consideration the difficult situation in the country and urged the present to pray.

On September 7 the youth of RCC passed WYD Cross and Icon to UGCC Youth. Organized by Youth Commission of Lviv archdiocese, program included the Procession through the streets of Lviv and prayer program in the city center conducted by Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary of UGCC, and youth night vigil in the church of the Transfiguration. The active part in organizing arrangements took youth communities, students chaplaincy, Lyceum of Krut Heroes.

"Let the long stay of the cross in our beloved Ukraine will be the sign of this Divine power, God's truth and God's victory, and we derive this power of the Cross today, tomorrow and for the life to step forward, - stressed the Reverend Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk), the Auxiliary bishop of Lviv archdiocese, meeting in the yard of St. George’s Cathedral the youth pilgrimage with WYD Cross and Icon. - Life is never simple, life is never easy, but the Apostle Paul tells us the famous words: I can do everything, strengthen by Christ. Each of us can say it, right? I can do everything, strengthen by Lord, in the victory, which He gave me on the cross. May God fill us with the great joy ... This is a great Divine sign for all of us"- emphasized the Most Reverend Benedict.

Father Rostyslav Pendyuk, the Chairman of the Commission of the UGCC Youth during a meeting with young people, said: "This cross was on all continents. This is truly a great gift for Ukraine, for our youth that this cross holy consecrated by the Pope John Paul II, Cross, which collected around it millions of people all over the world, came to Ukraine. I truly believe that God's grace is great and I really want us all to realize that we all come to the Cross with the understanding that this is a great saсred thing".

The Pilgrimage of WYD Cross and Icon in Ukraine is accompanied by a prayer for peace. On 9 September the organizers of the World Youth Day started a campaign of prayer for peace in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and all over the world.

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The program of the pilgrimage of WYD Cross and Icon in Ukraine (September 6-October 4, 2014 AD) can be found here.

photo report

Maria Kokhanovska, the Commission of the Youth of UGCC



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