The exhibition, which shows the struggle of Metropolitan Sheptytskyi against Holodomor (Famishment), was opened in Kiev

Thursday, 06 August 2015, 14:02
"We can see an unprecedented figure, inspirited by faith, full of love for His people - Metropolitan Andrey, the example, that calls each of us to the heights" – that was told on 4 August, 2015 at the opening of the scientific and publicistic tablet exhibition "Our Hope in God" by Patriarch Lyubomyr (Huzar).

The exhibition tells about Metropolitan Sheptytskyi’s contribution to the fight against Famishment and is timed to the 150th anniversary of Metropolitan Andrey’s birth. It was organized by the National Museum "Memorial of Holodomor" (Kyiv, 3, Lavrska Street) with the Public Committee for honoring Holodomor victims.

The opening event was attended by His Beatitude Lyubomyr (Huzar), Archbishop Emeritus of UGCC, Bishop Bogdan (Dziurakh), Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Ivan Vasyunyk, co-chairman of the Public Committee for the commemoration of the Golodomor victims, Volodymyr Vyatrovych, historian, the Head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.


Addressing the audience, His Beatitude Lyubomyr thanked the organizers for the presentation of the exhibition, which, according to the successor of Sheptytskyi offers to get to know the figure of Metropolitan Andrey against the background of the tragic events of Holodomor.

Archbishop Emeritus in His speech drew attention to three moments in the life of Metropolitan: "What did and what He was, Metropolitan Sheptytskyi, He brought from the parental home. His mother, Countess Sofia, helped Him to arise to a high spiritual level. This is her great merit for her son and for us. Thanks to His father, Count Ivan, He was brought in the awareness of His origin and His accessories. This great son of our people brought out of the house love to God and love to the people which He belonged to".

In the second part of His speech, Bishop Lyubomyr drew attention to the fact that Metropolitan Andrey was a shepherd to people, deprived of their country, which has always believed that the Ukrainian people, like all other nations, have a right to their Ukrainian state, endowed with a Christian soul "He was never indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian people of all parts of our country and He has always been consistent in protecting their rights".

Leading on, the speaker attracted attention to pastoral care and parental guardianship of Metropolitan Andrey over all Ukrainian people, which was independent in religion and boundaries that divided one people. His Beatitude recalled the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, expressed in Lviv at the opening of the Monument to Metropolitan Andrey: "Metropolitan Andrey belongs not only to the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, but all Ukrainian people".

Concluding His speech, His Beatitude Lyubomyr drew the audience's attention to correspondence of Metropolitan Andrey with ecumenical hierarchs, in which He stated a desire to serve his people and asked for blessings for successful ministry: "He was willing to testify His love even with martyr death for His people if it would be necessary for retention of the faith and morality of Ukrainian people".

Note: The exhibition consists of seven stands, which, as the official website of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine informs, that recall the association in 1933 of Galician community and Volyn (which were the part of Poland) to help the Ukrainians of Soviet Ukraine (who died of an artificial famine - Holodomor) and to inform the whole world about the crime of the Bolshevik Soviet power.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church started this matter in July 1933 in the person of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi to extend His worldwide appeal "Ukraine in death convulsions" - contrary to the lies of the Soviet press, which concealed hunger and wrote about good harvests and rich, fat Ukrainian peasants. The response of Western Ukraine to the Holodomor - a valuable memory that can unite modern Ukrainian society, Western, Central and Eastern Ukraine, it is a story that has a modern analogy to the occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This is a proof that in the abyss of hell there were people who embodied with their behavior God's laws and morals. It is a tribute to the Pimate, public figure and builder of Ukraine. This is the lesson for us today and reminders that Metropolitan has completed His historic appeal, and we start our exhibition - "Our hope is in God".

After the exhibition presentations the documentary film "The heritage of Andrey Sheptytskyi" (which is based on the facts of life of Andrey Sheptytskyi), was presented.

The exhibition will continue until November 8, 2015.

Press service of Kyiv Archeparchy




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