The Head of the UGCC in Zarvanytsia asked the youth every day to remember those gifts which the Lord our God plentifully gives to us

Monday, 18 July 2016, 16:17
We as God’s people, having come to this pilgrimage in Zarvanytsia, have a duty this year to stand before God and solemnly admit great gifts and graces which He has been doing to our people… This was said by the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at the meeting with the youth during the all-national pilgrimage to Zarvanytsia.

The Primate thanked the young people that they had accepted the invitation to arrive at the pilgrimage in Zarvanytsia. His Beatitude Sviatoslav remarked that his meeting with the youth and the all-national pilgrimage to Zarvantsia are special and they considerably differ from the previous ones. “For this pilgrimage takes place in the year which Pope Francis proclaimed for the Catholic Church in the whole world as the Holy Year of God’s Mercy,” said the Arch-hierarch.  He added that in all the UGCC cathedrals as well as in Zarvantsia the doors of God’s mercy are open.

According to the words of the UGCC Father and Head, in order to receive absolution for sins and leave this place with untied burdens and weaknesses, to get God’s treatment for our wounds which we call God’s mercy, there are several conditions. “The first and, probably, the most important is a confession. Because what kind of pilgrimage is without a confession? And then pray in the Holy Father’s intention ‘Our Father’, ‘Rejoice, Virgin Mary’ and enter the Door of God’s Mercy which is so widely open in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Zarvanytsia,” he asked. 

The Arch-hierarch believes that during the confession we would have to admit all the bad that we have done and at the same time solemnly declare our response of faith in all the good which the Lord our God has done for us and all of our people. “The apex of the pilgrimage,” says His Beatitude Sviatoslav, “ is the Divine Liturgy. But the most important moment, the apex of the Liturgy is our gratefulness to God when we thank Him for all His kindness. I believe we, as God’s people, having gathered for this pilgrimage in Zarvantsia, have an obligation this year to stand before God and solemnly admit great gifts and graces which He has been doing to our people.”

We always complain, observed the spiritual leader of the Greek Catholics, by saying to God what He has not yet done for us. Instead, in his opinion, this year it is principal to remember several key historic gifts and graces which we received from the Lord our God. “This year we are going to holily celebrate 25 years of Independence of our Motherland. We are going to celebrate the collapse of the Soviet Union – the fall of the Evil Empire. Isn’t it the God’s gift? It is that gift which the best sons and daughters of our nation wanted to see and for which they gave away their lives…” believes the Head of the Church. “We must protect this gift and be ready to give away the most precious thing that God gave to us – our life.” …He reminded that today numerous media present only negative news. “I beg you not to yield to those suggestions. Recall all the good that God has been doing to you every day,” asked the Primate. He asked the young people every night before sleep to make an examination of consciousness: what good things did God do to me and what did I do – more good or evil? “May Our Lady, to whom we have come today, open the Door of Mercy for us,” wished His Beatitude Sviatoslav.


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