The road train of peace and unity will leave Ukraine for the sake of help to immigrants and those who are in the area of ATO

Monday, 04 August 2014, 14:20
On 29th July in Kiev has been presented the ecumenical road train of peace and unity, in which the representatives of various religious organizations will set out across the country to help refugees from Eastern Ukraine and the army in the region. The organizers of the action are Caritas Ukraine and Department of social service and charity of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv patriarchate.

In addition, activists of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine and the Council of Independent Evangelical Churches of Ukraine joined the initiative. From the public sector at a press conference in the Ukrainian crisis media center performed the leader of the rock group "Gaydamaky" Yarema and one of the famous writers - Kapranovy brothers Vitaliy. The active support was provided by activists of social Committee "Offensive" and the initiative group "Kyiv-East-Children".

Within this action the religious and community leaders will visit four cities of Ukraine: Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk, where they will hold a round table on problems of settlers and soldiers, will distribute the aid to the children of immigrants, and read out a common prayer for peace in the country. The road train will run from July 31 to August 5, visiting Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odesa and Dnipropetovs’k.

The organizers say that the road train of peace and unity is called to assist the forced settlers from the East, as well as those who stay in the area of ATO - both soldiers and local residents. The task of the road train – is to coordinate, assist, show an example, show the technology as it is, and how and what can be done most effectively for the harmed.

During the ATO in Eastern Ukraine were killed 1130 people, injured nearly 3500 – reported the chairman of the UNO monitoring mission Armen Arutyunyan, representing the 4th report on the situation in Ukraine on July 28. The number of displaced people from the Eastern regions and Crimea is estimated at 101,617 people, 86 percent of immigrants - from Eastern regions. Militants in the East, as stated in the report, hold at fear the local population, they kidnap, detain and torture people in the occupied territories. Also were found out some cases of committing executions of prisoners.

These circumstances make Caritas Ukraine with all possible forces take care of those who are now in Eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as of ones who were forced to relocate to the West of the country. The wardship of settlers primarily involves the needs assessment and management of the special database - which is the basis for the provision of specific and personal social services for migrants on their habitat, providing clothing, footwear and food, assistance in legal matters, employment, transportation, provision of psychosocial maintenance.

Six regional organizations of Caritas Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Colomyya, Novovolynsk, Drohobych, Sokal ‘provided and are providing assistance to more than 1,000 immigrants, the overall program is designed for 1200 people.

Caritas Ukraine also has a humanitarian mission in Slovyans’k and surrounding areas – having provided the local population with drinking water of over 100 tons. Currently are going on the preparations and negotiations with local authorities to install windows for local residents.

All these activities and events are ways to mobilize the forces of the public, religious communities, public organizations and charities for the purpose of the most effective assistance for the immigrants from the Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine.

Reported by Nadiya Chorna



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