Together with you we want to think over our common future, - bishops of the UGCC in the letter from 2021 to priests, monks and laymen

Saturday, 30 October 2021, 21:38
A post-synodal message from 2021 “A hope God calls us to” bishops of the UGCC dedicated to reflections on common future of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church for the next decade amongst challenges of a modern world.

Archbishops claim that this letter will facilitate better understanding of how Church can be a vibrant and truthful community of Christ’s disciples amongst today’s challenges in joy and peace.

Seven chapters the letter consists of embrace a topic how to continue a pastoral plan “A vibrant parish” which is about the pastoral conversion, developing communion networks, raising the question of healing wounds and traumas. Specifically, bishops drew attention to the deprived and marginalized. The text also refers to a Christian family as a home church and a necessity of each Church member take part in a missionary work.

Authors of the post-synodal message we do not have to limit ourselves with a homily only among “ours” but go to the world and preach to different people with a language clear to them.

In order to implement all the propositions and priorities given in the letter, bishops reckon that all of us need to feel their own vocation and responsibility before God for gifts He bestowed on us.

The UGCC Department for Information


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