UGCC Army Bishop participated in the Annual Conference of Catholic Army Chaplains and Pastoral Coordinators in Berlin

Tuesday, 15 October 2013, 16:40
Army Chaplaincy: a look to the future-- such was the topic of the 58th Conference of Catholic Chaplains and Pastoral Coordinators, held in Berlin (Germany).

The event was attended, as in the past, by Bishop Mykhail (Koltun), head of the Patriarchal Curia Department for Pastoral Care in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military chaplains and Rev. Lubomyr Yavorskyi, vice-director of the Department. 

The conference was organized by the Catholic Army Bishops headed by Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck.  The main event of the gathering will be the transmission of the office of the General Army Vicar from the apostolic  протонотарія                      Walter Wakenhut to the Main Army Chaplain – Msgr. Reinhold Bartman.

The program of each day included presentations of army chaplains, group work, and panels in which the pastoral coordinators and army chaplains participated.

On the second day of the conference, attendees listened to an academic lecture by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baynert on “The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). A View of the Future of the Church and Society” and afterwards shared their personal views on this topic.

 On October 9th, there was an analysis of the pastoral chaplaincy from the inside.  Participants worked in groups on the proposed pastoral concepts.  

Every day of the conference (October 7-14 in Berlin), the invited guests as well as the organizers of the international event, began their work with a joint prayer.


Department of Chaplaincy Press Service


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