"Zhyve.TV" will present quotes from the works of the Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptytskyi) every day in 2014

Thursday, 06 February 2014, 21:16
"Zhyve.TV" initiated a television project lasting for 365 days, where the thoughts and statements of the Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptytskyi) will be cited daily throughout a year. His Beatitude Lyubomyr (Gusar) came up with the idea.

"365 days with the Grand Metropolitan. Daily reflections". This is the title of the book - calendar for reflections that was published in Lviv on New Year's Eve. It contains quotes from the Metropolitan Andrey's works on important events in the life of the Church and Ukraine. Today, 212 Metropolitan's messages that were written from 1899 to 1944 are known.

Therefore "Zhyve.TV" initiated a television project lasting for 365 days. In His Beatitude Lyubomyr's opinion, the project will encourage people to read the Metropolitan Andrey's works, which are a great treasure of the Christian wisdom.

February 1 is dedicated to teaching children to pray, February 2 is focused on the importance of prayer in the life of a man and February 3 talks about the most sacred place in a church. Work on the project continues.


2014 and 2015 are the jubilee years of the Metropolitan Andrey. This year, November 1 we will celebrate 70 years since he passed away and July 29, 2015 - 150 years since the birth of the count, Metropolitan.


UGCC Department of Information



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