When we are lost, we should go to Zarvanytsia, which will help us find the way, Head of the UGCC on the occasion of granting the cathedral in Zarvanytsia the status of the Small Basilica

Monday, 01 July 2019, 13:00
The Almighty comes to man and calls him. The Lord Himself comes to man, in particular to the place of his daily work. So "to be a fisherman" means to ultimately enable people to find a way to eternal life.
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This was emphasized in his sermon by the Father and Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Sviatoslav during the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Zarvanytsia Mother of God on the occasion of granting it the status of the Small Basilica. The celebrations took place on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Numerous clergy, youth, pilgrims and government officials of various levels took part in the celebrations.

"Today in Zarvanytsia we are experiencing a special moment. For many people, Zarvanytsia looks like the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee. We come here because they are tired of everyday storms. We understand that stability, prosperity and peace will be found only by those who come to the shore where Christ is now coming among us," says the Primate of the UGCC.

In his view, the Son of God is a reliable point of support for any person. So when we are lost, it's worth going to Zarvanytsia, which will help us find the right way in life.

"For Christians, the Virgin Mary is the figure of a true teacher. She still shows us the way to her Son and says: "Come to Him!" This holy place now receives recognition of the Catholic Church because it will become a Small Papal Basilica. The Pope wants to tell us: when someone wants to escape before the storm of everyday sea, go to Zarvanytsia. Your Mother is waiting for you there," said His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

And later he added: "Each of us received his life calling. After all, vocation is a special mission of life that Jesus Christ instructed us to fulfill in this life. However, the most worthy vocation that we all received is the call to be a Christian! Because the words "Follow me!" mean to be a Christian."

After the Liturgy, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti read the document of Pope Francis, who granted the status of the Small Papal Basilica to the Cathedral at the Marian Spiritual Center "Zarvanytsia". Special greetings of that day were addressed to the Archbishop and Metropolitan of Ternopil-Zborivsky Vasyl (Semeniuk), who this year celebrates three jubilee events at once: the 70th anniversary of birth, the 45th anniversary of the priestly ordinations, and the 15th anniversary of the episcopal ordination.


"Small Basilica" - the title given to the temples by the Pope of Rome. The title went from a similar name of the architectural style. However, since the seventeenth century, the term has ceased to be anchored to architectural significance and is the title itself, not the description of the building.

At the end of 2008, there were 1584 basilicas in the world. In Ukraine, to this day, only three temples had the honorary status: the Basilica of the Assumption in Lviv, the Basilica of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Chernivtsi and the Basilica of St. Apostle Peter in Odesa. This is the first Small Basilica in the UGCC.

The Cathedral of Zarvanytsia Mother of God is the central temple of the architectural and temple complex in the village of Zarvanytsia, Terebovlya district, Ternopil region. Located in Zarvanytsia Spiritual Center. The highlight of this place is the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Zarvanytsia, which dates back to the middle of the XVII century. It is known in Ukraine and abroad.


Photo: zarvanytsya.org

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