The Resolutions of the Synod of UGCC, 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016, 17:27
The resolutions of the Synod of Bishops of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Glory be to the holy, consubstantial, life-giving and undivided Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and for the welfare of all entrusted to us God’s people. Amen

With a mercy of God

And in a full communion with a Roman Holy See


The main Archbishop of Kyiv-Galicia of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

To the most reverend and God-loving bishops, reverend spiritual fathers, very reverend monks and nuns and laity of a local Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Declare and announce

The resolutions of the Synod of Bishops of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

September 04-11, 2016, Lviv-Brukhovychi

1.      Take into consideration a state of adopting resolutions of the Synod of Bishops of UGCC in 2015;

2.      Take into consideration the reports of synodal committees.

3.      In order to evoke an interest to the social ministering among faithful of UGCC and behave a virtue of sacrifice and mercy, to announce in UGCC:

a)      Sunday of a Prodigal Son – Day of the extreme care for prisoners;

b)      Sunday of Meatfare – Day of Social service and charity;

c)      Restoring a tradition of Social days initiated by righteous Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky;

 to organize days between Sundays, mentioned as previous points as Social days and be involved in intellectual and charitable activities at the parishes;

d)     Suggest valid bishops to collect money for social initiatives of parishes and eparchies in appropriate time.

4.      To adopt a strategy of social service of UGCC.

5.      For better coordination and development off social service in UGCC:

a)      create Department of UGCC Social service in Patriarchal Curia;

b)      ask Father and Head of UGCC to confirm the resolutions on this Department.

6.      To charge Department of UGCC Social service with working out a Program of developing social service in UGCC.

7.      To charge Department of UGCC social service in cooperation with Patriarchal commission on clergy together with Commission of recruitment and management of church educational institutions, especially seminaries to conduct the next activities:

a)      To analyze an experience of teaching pastoral theology and social doctrine of Church in educational institutions of UGCC and care about an improvement of programs on these disciplines in accordance with modern needs;

b)      To provide students with an opportunity to pass a practice on social serving in local organizations of “Caritas” or other similar church institutions and organizations;

c)      To use throughout an educational program adapted and published by Patriarchal curia structures methodological materials concerning different aspect of social serving;

d)     To adapt and set up educational programs of increasing professional skills for those who are responsible for social serving as well as for all priests;

e)      To direct students in obtaining high education in a field of social sphere at the educational institutions of Catholic Church abroad.

8.      To anticipate on agenda consideration of specific questions relating to social servicing in UGCC.

9.      To take into consideration a Report about an activity of Patriarchal curia of UGCC.

10.  To take into consideration the results of reports on commissions’ activity and departments of patriarchal level.

11.  To approve a Report of a Working group from 2015-2016 about adopting a Strategy of developing UGCC till 2020.

12.  To approve a report about building Patriarchal Center of UGCC in Kyiv.

13.  To approve a Report about a judging process in UGCC.

14.  To approve a Report of a Working group on adapting Particular law in UGCC and bless its further work.

15.  To accept a Report of the Canonical Department of Patriarchal curia of UGCC about the analysis of legislative acts adopted by the Synod of Bishops of UGCC during 1992-2015.

16.  To confirm a statute about bishop-emeritus.

17.  To confirm a standard statute of UGCC Metropoly.

18.  To elect Archbishop and Metropolitan of Lviv Ihor Vozniak a General supervisor of Department of justice.

19.  To elect members of Synodal tribunal:

1.      Most reverend bishop Yevhen Popovych;

2.      Reverend bishop Teodor Martyniuk;

20.  To elect members of special group of bishops to deal with recurrences directed against administrative decrees of Father and Head of UGCC:

1.      Reverend bishop Teodor Martyniuk;

2.      Most reverend bishop Ihor Vozniak;

3.      Reverend bishop Volodymyr Yushchak.

21.   To adopt regulations about Secretariat of Synod of Bishops of UGCC.

22.  To elect reverend bishop Bohdan Dziurakh a Secretary of Synod of Bishops of UGCC for five years.

23.  To set out Rules of Synod of Bishops of UGCC for five years.

24.  To approve a regulations bouklet of preparation and presentation the main theme of Synod of Bishops of UGCC.

25.  To take into consideration a message about conditions of pastoral care of our faithful in Spain and Italy.

26.  To charge Commission on Family Issues of Kyiv Galician Supreme Archdiocese of UGCC in cooperation with Patriarchal commission on clergy to work on the program of pastoral care for priests’ families and formation of priests’ wives.

27.  To take into consideration the process of preparing UGCC Youth Catechism.

28.  To sanctify all-Church celebrations the next year:

400th anniversary of reforming Basilian Order of Saint Josaphat; 380th anniversary of death of Metropolitan Josyf Veliamyn Rutsky and 150 years since saint Josaphat Kuntsevych canonization, and appoint reverend bishop Vasyl Tuchapec head of the organizing committee.

29.  For marking the 125th anniversary of birthday of confessor of the faith Josyf Slipyi:

a)      To bless the all-Church celebration of this jubilee;

b)      To set up a program of celebration;

c)      To appoint reverend bishop Hlib Lonchyna head of the organizing committee of this celebration;

d)     To entrust organizing committee to draw up a budget of planned events and submit it to Patriarchal Economics Department.

30.  To hold Synod of Bishops of UGCC on 3-12 of September, 2017.

31.  To hold Synod of Bishops of UGCC in Lviv-Brukhovychi.

32.  The main theme of the next Synod of Bishops of UGCC is to be taken “Liturgical and prayerful life of UGCC”.

33.  To elect reverend bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk be responsible for preparing the main theme of Synod of Bishops of UGCC, 2017.

34.  To approve a text of a Communiqué of the UGCC Synod of Bishops 2016.


+ Sviatoslav (Shevchuk)

The main Archbishop of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

+ Bohdan (Dzyurakh), The Secretary of the

UGCC Synod of Bishops


Given in Kyiv,

at Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ,

September 13, in the Year of Our Lord, 2016


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