Bishops of the UGCC: About 60 percent of the couples who promised each other love and loyalty, dreamed about a happy life, end in divorce

Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 20:05
Ukraine has one of the first places in Europe by the number of divorces. Particularly about 60 percent of couples, who promised each other love and loyalty, dreamed of a happy life, end in divorce.

This is stated in the Letter of the Synod of Bishops of the Kyiv-Halych Supreme Archbishopric of the UGCC on the occasion of the Year of the Family in Ukraine.

The authors of the statement note that the majority of this statistics is represented by young married couples who have lived in marriage from three months to three years. Often, the causes of divorce are moral and psychological problems in the family, alcoholism and other addictions.

"The question arises: why is it that, despite the desire for happiness, selfishness and separation wins? At the same time it's not only adults who suffer, but also innocent children. According to the latest data, about one hundred thousand children of Ukraine are in residential institutions, and 92 percent of them have biological parents," notes the bishops of the Synod.

The marriage is a community that was founded before all other types of human communities. "God created man for love, He made us desire to love and be loved. Therefore, a man and woman create a perfect image of God, when they give each other love. Without love, man can not live, develop, he loses joy, hope, desire for life - everything loses taste without love," say the bishops.

The members of the Synod share the pain and anxiety of thousands of families, which were painfully touched by the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. Many of them survived the loss of their loved ones, were left without housing, became displaced or received severe physical or spiritual injuries.

"On this road, the Church today wants to be with you. We firmly believe that the fate of all nation and the state depends on the spiritual and moral condition of the family. We encourage you to wonder what kind of words fill the souls of children in our homes? Do we care for a gentle, respectful, and sufficient communication between the spouses? Do we teach our children prayers before icons, instead of creating a false idea in them that the worship in the family is large plasma TVs on the walls or small gadgets in their hands? Let us try to ensure that in our families we learn to listen to each other and have enough time for this," they call on in their Epistle.

Particular attention is paid by bishops to the education of families in the culture of communication, celebration and rest. "Dependence on alcohol, drugs, gambling and other enslavements comes into the family more often when there is no ability to be together and develop, serving each other. Children are very vulnerable to the example of the elderly, they immitate parents. Therefore, it is necessary to develop creative and non-alcoholic leisure activities in our families through joint voyages, interesting games, singing, inspirational pastime," ask to reflect on this issue the members of the Synod.

The bishops are convinced that calling for marriage requires us to understand our tasks and responsibilities and that we should carefully prepare for them long before marriage.

"First of all, it's about raising up to responsibility for the happiness of another person. Only selfless and sacrificial love, and not the temporary feelings, will determine the strength of the future marriage. For the Church, every couple who comes to marry is important. Therefore, we urge you to take a decision about marriage after careful consideration," says the Epistle.

The UGCC Department for Information

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