Caritas Kyiv is involved in helping children with cancer

Caritas Kyiv is involved in helping children with cancer

Friday, 28 October 2011, 16:35
Charitable Foundation Caritas Kyiv has joined the project “I Want to Live! Make Friends! Be Happy!” which aims to help children. This social project presents an exhibition of a young photojournalist Yevhen Malolietka about children with cancer to raise awareness of the problems and causes of cancer in children in Ukraine, says Fr. Roman Syrotych, director of the Caritas Kyiv.
Charitable Foundation Caritas Kyiv has joined the project “I Want to Live! Make Friends! Be Happy!” which aims to help children. This social project presents an exhibition of a young photojournalist Yevhen Malolietka about children with cancer to raise awareness of the problems and causes of cancer in children in Ukraine, says Fr. Roman Syrotych, director of the Caritas Kyiv.

A team of young people aged 20 to 30 years, representing the MoKoLad Youth Leaders Club, organized and initiated this event. These people were the first to begin the movement's leadership school government in Ukraine. Now it involves journalists, employees of state institutions, managers of various companies, and directors of international offices in Ukraine. These are people with different tastes, interests, ages and educations, but they all dream to change our country, because they do not care about the place on earth where they were born. They follow the motto: "Each of us has a chance to live quietly and go unnoticed or change this world." And they change!

Various organizations are joining the project, including Caritas Kyiv, which has repeatedly raised the issue of cancer and helps children with this illness.

About the Author

Yevhen Malolietka, 23 years
Worked as a photojournalist: PHL (Information agency), Ukrafoto, Ministry of Transport and Communication and photo editor for siteNEWSRU.UA
Currently he working as a photojournalist for
For several years he filmed stories of children with cancer at the National Cancer Institute.
His works can be viewed here:


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