God reveals Himself to man as Creator and Savior, the Head of the Church in a video catechesis

Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 14:12
If God did not tell man about Himself, if He did not reveal Himself to us, it would be difficult for us to know and meet Him and it would be difficult to be able to live - to live to the fullest. This was emphasized by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the UGCC, in a new video catechesis on the topic of the revelation of God.

What is God's revelation? How does God reveal Himself to us? How can we not miss the moment when the Lord God is near? These are the questions that His Beatitude Sviatoslav answered in his last Saturday catechesis on faith.

The Head of the Church paid special attention to the fresco "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. With this image, the artist, according to the Primate, in a special way represented the creation of man by God.

“On the one hand, the outstretched human hand to God means that he always tries to overcome his own limits, go beyond his human horizon of life and seek eternity… And on the other hand, God approaches man. He reveals Himself by holding out His hand to a person, not leaving him in ignorance about Himself,” the Head of the UGCC explained.

The Father and the Head of the UGCC further explained the meaning of the word "mystery," which is very often used in this context: "God does not want to create any secrets about Himself. The word "mystery" means that God is so great that no matter how much a person knows Him, there is always a great opportunity, a great space for the unknown, not yet discovered, not yet understood. Therefore, the process of God's revelation is constant."

Answering the question of how God reveals Himself to man, His Beatitude Sviatoslav explained that the Lord God, first of all, reveals Himself as the Creator and Savior.

"First of all, God reveals Himself to man as God the Creator, as the one who created man and the whole world in which this man lives and exists," he said, adding that in creating man, God continues to care about him, supporting him in life.

Also, as the Primate explained, God reveals Himself as God the Savior - the one who wants to guide man in the direction in which he wants to follow Him. The Lord God, he says, gives life even beyond the created existence to which He has called man.

We remind you that the video project "Zhyve TV" His Beatitude Sviatoslav: #clearly_about_complicated started on May 16, 2020. In short videos, the Head of the UGCC explains important Christian truths in an accessible way. The latest issue is dedicated to the topic of faith. You can watch new issues of His Beatitude Sviatoslav's catechesis on the Zhyve TV channel on YouTube or on the Zhyve TV Facebook page every Saturday at 9 p.m.


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