Head of the UGCC attended an international meeting of national leaders of the community "Married meeting"

Thursday, 04 August 2016, 14:14
Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav attended an international meeting of national leaders of the community "Married meeting", which is held in Yaremche from 30 July to 6 August. In matrimonial meeting participants came from eight countries.

Head of the Church, blessing gathering community, said that he was a member of two sessions of the Pontifical Synod, which put in the spotlight the whole Catholic Church, the theme of the family. "The Holy Father Francis - said the His Beatitude Sviatoslav- drew attention to this subject today because the institution of the family as inseparable and fruitful union between a man and a woman is at the center of a large attack (globally). Therefore the Church today has a great duty to care and support family.

And we, the Ukrainian Greek Catholics can say that the family saved the Church during the persecution of the Church. So today the sacred duty of the Church is to save the family. "

The Primate said that during the Pontifical Synod bishops from around the world asked themselves, how today the Church can serve the institution of the family.

And, according to him, many said that one of the strongest ways to protect family in the modern world is movements such as "Married meeting."

Patriarch believes that now "is not enough just to preach about certain moral principles regarding family and marriage." "We should be close to those families who need our help, need to accompany the family in the modern world. Moreover, whole Church rethinking pastoral care of the family today. It should be quite a new way today to prepare young people for the sacrament of marriage, "- he said.

Head of the Church told that Pope Francis in Krakow said to the youth, "Perhaps among you are those who are preparing for marriage. You are a brave people. " "Today, in order to marry, we must be very brave. But it is also necessary to accompany the existing family, especially in the early stages. In preparation for marriage active main role played by priests, when it comes to the pastoral support of young families to the fore still leave couples mature laity, who should take responsibility for those seven young ' her, who formed the parish. Believe me, today is such a movement as "Married meeting" should be an integral part of family pastoral care in the Church "- said the Primate.

Head of the UGCC expressed full support and solidarity to this community. "I see your spiritual power. When there is a movement of "Married meeting" in a small parish on the central and eastern Ukraine, so this parish becomes a missionary. It is a unique force of evangelization. If there are two or three families who belong to the movement on the small parish, they begin to move the whole community. Your movement is extraordinary evangelizing force, so we need you ", - assured the Head of the Church to the leaders this the community.

"Thousands of couples today in Ukraine require support... Without a strong family institution can neither be a strong nation, neither strong state ", - the Head of the UGCC.

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