Head of UGCC on the first Sunday of Lent: "Without prayer there is no real position"

Monday, 06 March 2017, 13:03
We live in a time of Lent. This is the time a unique opportunity when the Church invites us to experience a personal encounter with the living Christ. This was stressed by the Father and the Fead of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Sviatoslav during a sermon to the faithful on the first Sunday of Lent March 5, 2017 in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, in Kiev.

The preacher said that on the first Sunday of Lent we hear the reading of the Gospel of St. John, where we feel the freshness of the faith of the early Apostolic Church. We hear about the meeting of three people to Jesus Christ ... The content of today's Gospel just for us to understand who is Christ. Christ is the one who allows a person to meet the living God.

"Come and see." "These words - said the Primate - and today draws Universal Apostolic Church to every person. I think that each of us is often similar to Bartholomew, who is looking ... Everyone, people of good will seeking to know the truth, the truth, seeking justice, peace, love, all that sho we call real happiness. But all this can be found only when personally meet the living God, the Son of the living God. "

According preacher of the word of God, now everyone has the opportunity to experience the very unique meeting, which invites us to Christ Church. "We live in a time of Lent. This is the time a unique opportunity when the Church invites us to experience a personal encounter with the living Christ. The first condition for such a meeting, and the way how to survive - it is prayer. We know that without prayer there is no real post. Prayer - it is time for personal dialogue between me and God, to whom I speak, and the moment when I meet a holy God "- asks the faithful to reflect head of the church.

"Come and see." "These words - said the preacher - a special opening in this first Sunday of Lent, which is called Sunday orthodoxy. It was still set in the first millennium to mark the victory of the iconoclasm of the Church of Christ. In this struggle, Christ Church defended opportunity to meet the living God for us today. Opportunity in the church community, not just hear about God, not just hear about his word, but to see him in holy icons. So today the gift of Christ's Church is proud bohoodkrovennyh icons. "

"I wish you to Lent way for each of you was through meeting the living God. Let your everyday road you are always looking for above all, his uniform, his desired. I would like to gift a meeting with him. In our church we do everything so that it took place "- the patriarch wished all the faithful and people of good will.



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