His Beatitude Liubomyr (Husar): The present-day power is a giant with feet of clay, who is in constant fear of people

Friday, 30 November 2012, 22:06
“In a normal state, people are the power holders. Bearer of authority in the normal state is the people. A group of people, whom we call power, are the individuals whom people entrusted with something. However, they are not the absolute power holders; they were only asked to exercise the will of the people". Such a belief was expressed by the Archbishop Emeritus of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, His Beatitude Liubomyr (Husar) on air of the Channel 5 (video), on November the 29th, discussing the impurity of power and the fear of people about it.

In a live broadcast on the TV Channel, the spiritual leader of all the Ukrainians, stressed that Ukrainians "must reflect over the way in which to defend their rights." According to him, the French Revolution - was an extreme case, which did not produce an effective solution. "A more natural and effective is the evolution", - he says.

The Archbishop believes that it is necessary to prepare such a generation of people, who "will do their best to conscientiously perform their duties," and at the same time, will respond to various types of abuses.

"We should not be silent. In my opinion, a very good example of public activity was the case of the poor girl - Oksana Makar. It was then, when the legal authority started to work seriously in order to punish the culprits. But those were the people, who demanded it", - reminds Liubomyr.

He is convinced that the government is "extremely sensitive when people start to overuse their powers”. But people should quietly say what they do not like.

"I think that in Ukraine there are enough people at any level, who are able to stand against the activities of today's power, but ... they are afraid of it. And people, who truly want the changes for the better to come, should help others to overcome this fear. As the saying goes, fear has big eyes. But is it possible to make everyone redundant? No! So, in my opinion, a moment must come, and the sooner, the better, when a certain number of people will say "enough", - says the Archbishop to the people.

The greatest strength - to speak the truth, assures the spiritual leader, and to say this truth loud. It does not matter, according to him, how many people will manage to hear it, what is important, is that at least someone hears. It should encourage people to correct positive actions for information about abuse makes people think.

"The truth, in any case, gives its effect. With the truth we can reach something positive, something that we wish for ourselves. This way some special atmosphere is being created and people begin to feel this desire to do well, and stop being afraid. And step by step the atmosphere starts to change. The current government imagines that it is very-very powerful, and that it can do everything. Let’s look into the history ... It seems to me that the current government is a giant with feet of clay. Why does the government act like this? Because it is in a greater fear than people are", - said His Beatitude Liubomyr, urging all Ukrainians not to be afraid to oppose the authority, which does not perform its duties properly.

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