His Beatitude Sviatoslav shared Christmas prosphora with friends

Monday, 16 January 2017, 22:04
In Kiev on January 14th on the feast of St. Basil was held the traditional "Christmas prosphora with the Patriarch." Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Sviatoslav had the opportunity to share Christmas bread with friends.

Before the start the guests got acquainted with the state of construction of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ and learn about the state of development of the Patriarchal residence.

At the solemn part were present about 800 guests. Among the guests were the cultural and public figures, representatives of the diplomatic, government...

National Bandurist Ukraine named H.Mayborody performed Christmas carols.

During his speech the festival host explained that prosphora is a special bread that is prepared for the Divine Liturgy. From the Greek "prosphora" means "offering". This is what we want to bring as a gift to God to serve Him. But when we celebrate Christmas, this prosphora we share with each other. "We know that our Savior came to earth in the town of Bethlehem, whose name literally means" city of bread. "But he came to be the very bread for us. He is the bread, which the Heavenly Father wants to share with us to fill our lives with hope for the future "- said the Head of the Church.

"This evening we want to share Christmas prosphora with you" - said the Head of UGCC to the guests.

Usually before this division with Christmas prosphora is three things. First of all – to thank God for lined year. We all remember what Lord gave to us in the last year.

"This year has been difficult, - primate said- because it was another year of war. At the same time we have received many gifts from God. The greatest gift - the gift of friendship. If we compare the past with prosphora, then we become much more. Our "Christmas prosphora" gathered, perhaps twice as many people than last year. We have a lot more to thank God than we imagine. "

According to him, 2016 was a year when we mentioned '25 restoration of independence of our country. We also have to thank God for another event, which for some reason was voiced in the media space. 25 years ago collapsed newest prison of nations - the Soviet Union. And today we have many different foreign diplomatic representatives that these days mark '25 diplomatic relations with Ukraine. "So, gentlemen ambassadors cordially thank you for your presence among us and for all the good that our church could do to continue doing in the Ukraine international dimension spoke loudly in the name of his people," - said the owner of the evening.

Head of the Church congratulated Ukrainian soldiers who were present on holiday. "During the division Prosphora we especially will remember our soldiers who at this moment to protect our freedom and independence. His life protect, cover and give us life and hope for the new year ", - he said.

As usual, were remember those who last year passed away, "May God take all our friends, friends, Heroes of Ukraine to the arms, which during this year departed from us and is with Him, participating in eternal life" .

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