How to learn to forgive? Advice from the Head of the UGCC

Saturday, 29 April 2017, 21:19
Pieces of advice from the Head and Father of the UGCC His Beatitude Sviatoslav about how we, Christians, should learn to forgive, which he expressed during the broadcast of the interactive project "Open Church" on "Live ТV", April 24.

- Forgiveness does not mean acceptance of a lie. When we forgive, we don't put up with evil, but on the contrary, we name it and call a wrongdoer as such. But when we forgive, this means that first of all we throw evil out of our own heart.

- Only that person who is spiritually higher and stronger, can forgive. To forgive means to overcome evil. 

- Forgiveness does not mean release from responsibility for wrongdoings. Fair punishment is necessary for reconciliation. Otherwise how can we speak about the due respect for the victims of crimes, due satisfaction for their offences if, according to the principles of justice, the person who offended them will not suffer deserved punishment?

- As for the relatives and friends who support Kremlin policy - first and foremost, we should not hold it against them but pray for them. They should be forgiven. Since  they, too, are victims of Moscow propaganda. However, we must testify to the truth and speak about the offences inflicted on Ukraine. 

- If, at a suitable time, there had occurred a similar process as in Nurnberg - the act of condemnation of communism, then, perhaps, today there would not be this war which is unleashed against us. It is precisely because in due time the truth was not clearly stated and crime was not revealed and condemned, that it goes on to give bloody and deadly fruits.

- Decrying felonious behavior helps us dissociate from it and never follow it but live in truth and do what is fair. So, I believe, while we hide from the truth and look for compromises with our conscience, until then we will demonstrate spinelessness and even more - we will become accomplices in a crime.

- Malice dries up the soul.  Whoever  is malicious or nurtures hatred in his/her heart, does wrong against the authentic human nature. Since  a person is created in the image and likeness of God's love, which gives us strength and inspires us.

- It is not enough to defeat the enemy, not enough to win in a war, but we need a victory "over war", i.e. elimination of deep reasons which  cause the biggest evil and the most absurd usage of human resources which the war is. 

- It is impossible to defeat  evil only by human efforts! It's impossible to learn only in a human way how to forgive or how to be a winner over war. But everything is possible with God! Christians rely not so much on their human abilities but rather on God's power, which heals the hearts and helps us to be free from hatred and war.

The UGCC Department of Information 


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