In the Kyiv Three Saints Theological Seminary there was training, for the military Chaplains of the UGCC, taking place

Wednesday, 05 December 2012, 08:48
On the 1st of December, in the Kyiv Three Saints Theological Seminary, there was a training, for the military chaplains of the UGCC, taking place. This event was organized by the Department of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on Matters of Pastoral Care in the Power Structures of Ukraine.

The training was conducted by Fr. Liubomyr Yavorskyi, the Deputy Head of Department, accompanied by two brothers from Lviv and two from the Ivano-Frankivsk theological seminaries. The purpose of the training was to better familiarize brothers with the task of military chaplaincy. Moreover, they discussed the ways on how the seminary community can join the pastorship.

In his opening remarks, the Rector of the Seminary Fr. Petro Zhuk mentioned  that already two graduates - Fr. Yaroslav Kondera and Dn. Mr. Evhen Merimerin – provided pastoral care for the military on the territory of the Kyiv Archeparchy.

In his speech, Fr. Liubomyr Yavorskyi informed all those who were present with the concept of military chaplains, told about the congresses of chaplains and about the pilgrimages to holy places, which are taking place quite often. Moreover, it was interesting to listen to the story about the participation of our chaplains in the peace keeping contingents, as those are mainly the places where the highest necessity for the pastoral services may arise.

The Father also informed about interfaith level of ministry in military institutions and units. According to Father Liubomyr, today there was signed the memorandum about the permit for the pastoral care in the military units for seven denominations. Moreover, Father Liubomyr added that the military chaplaincy aims to meet the spiritual needs of the faithful servants of our Church, and does everything possible to ensure that the faithful of other religions have their own pastor. If the presence of the pastor of another denomination is not possible, the chaplain of the UGCC, if there is a wish, provides him spiritual and religious needs.

The seminarians of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk Theological Seminaries (Roman Yanchuk, Andriy Hrutsayko, Hennadiy Dmytriev and Yuriy Kovalchuk), where the Centres for the spiritual care are already established, presented their activities and provided the brief description of themselves to the Kyiv seminarians.

At the end of the meeting, all those who wished, asked chaplains about some issues and watched the movie "Military chaplains - who are they?", which was prepared by the seminarians of Lviv Theological Seminary.

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