Let's finish talking, and let's start working together! - His Beatitude Sviatoslav during the Transformation of Ukraine Forum

Saturday, 23 June 2018, 11:48
Ukraine is gradually entering the electoral process. At the same time, our country is trying to work actively to build a strong democratic state. In this process, we need to adhere to important high values, development strategies and principles in order to go the right way.

On Friday, June 22, Patriarch and Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Sviatoslav emphasized the above-mentioned things during the VII National Forum "Transformation of Ukraine" in Kyiv.

"I want to recall that the idea of ​​the Forum is not just a good place to talk and express good thoughts. This event takes place as a moment of coordinating our activities. We want to get out of this forum so that we can verify with other active people our efforts in order to build a European-style state in Ukraine. The forum was born as a continuation of the Maidan, where we wanted to be together, share our experience, and coordinate our activities," with these words the Primate addressed the audience speaking about the purpose and idea of ​​the National Forum "Transformation of Ukraine."

In his opinion, it is now extremely important to coordinate the strategy of building a European state in Ukraine. "We feel that Ukraine is once again part of a peculiar stage of preparation for the elections. To us, as representatives of the Church, come many different members of political parties, activists, and at times we are expected to support and help them. And we want to say that we, as the Church, can not support political parties or other personalities. We support certain principles, values ​​and principles," said the Head of the Church.

In addition, he expressed his desire to appeal first to the Ukrainian people, the faithful and to the civil society: "According to your mandate, we have prepared a strategy in which all the values ​​that need to be realized in our lives are gathered. We urge our people to use this strategy, which we want to publicize today as a moral benchmark (and for future electoral campaigns), as well as to support only those parties, those political leaders who will commit themselves to implementing these principles in their state political activity," shared the spiritual leader of the Greek Catholics.

In addition, the Primate appealed to the leaders of political parties to take these values ​​and strategies as a benchmark in their political programs. After all, if they declare them before the Ukrainian society, then it will support them.

"Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian civil society know what they want to see and how to build their own state. Therefore, please, take into account our strategy, which we propose today. If necessary, support it and help us build a country that would provide all the fundamental desires and aspirations of freedom, genuine democracy and independence," the Greek Catholic leader addressed to international partners.

"If we fulfill the three main tasks and get out of this Forum, with clear goals for our activities and coordinate our work, I am convinced that this turbulent time of the election campaign will be the time of state building, and not the destruction of the foundations of the independent Ukrainian state (that is, will be sometimes positive, not negative). I hope that this strategy, as a moral benchmark and responsibility that the Ukrainian Churches feel for their people, will bring the desired results and Ukraine will be a free, democratic, independent state. So let's finish talking, let's start working together!"- said His Beatitude Sviatoslav at last.



The National Forum "Transformation of Ukraine" was created to facilitate the coordination of the efforts of civil society, the authorities, the opposition and major international institutions in the development and implementation of the European integration model of Ukraine's development, according to the website of the Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to develop and implement an approach to use Poland's experience in transforming the country in line with EU standards, drawing on the most useful experience and best practices in building a democratic state in order to ensure sustainable development of the state for the benefit of the Ukrainian people.

The Supervisory Board of the National Forum, in particular, includes the Father and Head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Head of the UOC KP Patriarch Filaret and many others.


 Department of Information of the UGCC


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