“Pessimists say that everything was bad, optimists – that good but the truth is in the middle,” the Head of UGCC summing up the year of 2017

Monday, 11 December 2017, 13:16
I would be careful while evaluating events which took place in our country. Apparently, pessimists will say that everything was bad, optimists – good. Authorities will state that they worked brilliantly and the opposition - that absolutely terribly. But the truth is somewhere in the middle. It may be too early to make final conclusions. We will, probably, only in the course of time realize meaning of our history and all that happened to us.

This was said by the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church during the interactive program “Open Church”, speaking about the results of the passing year.

The Head of the Church is convinced that time is needed so that a good deed or reform yielded fruit. However, we should remember that while speaking about reforms, many people do not understand their content. In his opinion, one of the most important reforms which Ukrainians need urgently - is overcoming corruption. He remains an optimist in this regard because the patriotism of people from the so-called “grey zone”, who underwent occupation, release, and their desire to live in the new Ukrainian State – is inspiring.

In the life of the Church there were also many interesting and important events, which left deep impressions in the life of the faithful. “Among the Church events, I would point out the following three: First of all, this year we commemorated a very significant personality. We celebrated 125th anniversary of birth of our Patriarch Josyf Slipyj.  While observing this jubilee, we tried to acquaint Ukraine with this figure. It was a good occasion to get to know this unbroken prisoner, witness of Christ, and on the other hand − a great Ukrainian and fighter for the dignity of his nation. The figure of Josyf Slipyj does not allow us to give up but move forward,” emphasized the Primate.

The second important event in 2017 was the 150th anniversary of canonization of the holy martyr Josaphat Kuntsevych, who suffered for the Church unity. “This year, on June 25, in Vatican we received a special privilege from the Pope – celebrate a liturgy at the Papal altar, which is situated at the tomb of holy Apostle Peter. Such a privilege is granted very seldom because only the Pope has the right to serve a Mass there.

And on the occasion of this jubilee, as a sign of respect towards Ukrainian people, the Holy Father gave us such a right. Basilica of St Peter − is the biggest Christian church in the world and we filled it up with our faithful. It was a magnificent manifestation of our strength, loyalty and beauty at the world level. On the other hand, it is a manifestation of the fact that the blood of martyrs is seed of Christians, as Tertullian put it. This festivity in Rome showed how powerful our Church is, how great our Ukraine is,” said the Primate. As for the third event, it will always belong to history, because may 31, 2017 – is a day of passing away the Primate of our Church, moral authority of Ukraine - His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar). According to His Beatitude Sviatoslav, his predecessor always held peace in himself, enriched and warmed with Christian love everybody around him. “It’s true that even today we feel the pain of this loss. His Beatitude Lubomyr  − Kobzar of a modern Ukrainian thought, song and spirit, who left for us as his heritage the whole civilization of peace and love, everything which we need during the war,” underlined the Head of the Church. It is interesting that the first who continued the protection of his big heritage − heritage of love and peace − are the Ukrainian students who created the whole movement “Generation of Lubomyr.”


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