Students of Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary met with Fr. Andriy Zelinskyi

Thursday, 21 February 2019, 14:09
February 18, deputy head of the Military Chaplaincy Department of Patriarchal Curia of UGCC Fr. Andriy Zelinskyi delivered a lecture for brothers-seminarians of Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary from the Center of Military Chaplaincy.

First and foremost, Fr. Andriy briefly told about the status and conditions of military chaplaincy on the territory of Ukraine, the challenges and problems which priests face throughout their service. The speaker also emphasized who a chaplain is and what his mission is about: “A chaplain is not an ideologist. Above all, the chaplain has to care about spirituality and humanity. Leave out politics”. Also, a part of the lecture, Fr. Andriy dedicated to the theme of " ethos" of a soldier and his role in army”.


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