The campaign “Candle of assistance for children in need” started off in Kyiv

Friday, 14 December 2012, 07:16
Charitable Foundation "Caritas Kyiv" carries out an annual charitable event "Candle of assistance for children in need", or "Christmas Candle"; the funds that will be collected will be used to help the socially disadvantaged children. Everyone, who wishes to help the child in need, has such an opportunity, through joining the charitable activities of Caritas!

This campaign consists in the distribution of candles, the special feature of which is that in their production are participating individuals with intellectual and functional constraints.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav blessed the campaign and appealed to all the people of good will for the support and for the promotion with the following words: "Each person, who buys this candle, which are produced to benefit the children in need, brings warmth, joy and love into their hearts, showing and revealing to them the true Christian essence – the love of neighbor”.

The charitable campaign "Christmas Candle" has been taking place in Ukraine each year during the past 8 years. Its main objective is to raise funds to assist the socially disadvantaged children.

With the beginning of Advent, such candles are distributed primarily through religious communities in Ukraine and abroad, through partner organizations, communities and all among all of the willing donors. Last year - before Christmas of 2012, in the Kyiv Archeparchy of CF "Caritas Kyiv", they managed to sell 4,000 candles, and at the level of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church within Ukraine and beyond - more than 100 thousand candles.

All of the funds that were collected are directed to assist the children in need: orphans, half- orphans, children from poor and large families, HIV-positive, disabled children and the youth, children of migrant workers.

Each year with the help of Caritas service, hundreds of children have the opportunity to participate in summer recreation camps, to attend educational tours, to join the work study groups, creative groups in children's social centers, to organize special holidays, to receive the targeted assistance.

With the help of the funds that were collected, a number of children were warmed and fed, received the positive experience of prayer and communication. Quite a few children came back to the life within society and within the Church and in the nearest future will be able to become active citizens of Ukraine.

The objective of the campaign "Christmas Candle" – is to convey the message to children that God and the people around them love them, they express particular attention and care about their future. Each Christmas candle which is lit is a personal contribution towards the care over the disadvantaged children. Because everyone, who lights this kind of candle, will, thus, to help ignite the spark of hope and of good in children's hearts.

"With the help of this charitable initiative, we are not only collecting money for the children in need, we are also attracting attention of everyone to the problems of children, who are living next to us and who are experiencing the crisis circumstances of life. We cannot ignore them and must understand that helping them does not require much effort. This may be a kind word, the allocated funds or clothing, food, and attention and psychological support, and prayer "- stressed Fr. Roman Syrotych, the director of CF "Caritas Kyiv".

The video of the campaign may be viewed online here.


For any additional information regarding the distribution or purchase of candles you may contact the CF "Caritas Kyiv" by calling (044) 512-00-85, or addressing the Director of the foundation Fr. Roman Syrotych directly (097-19-45-911,

Report prepared by Fr. Roman Syrotych



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