The Day of God the Creator was celebrated in Lviv

Saturday, 22 September 2012, 09:19
On the 16th of September, the festive celebration of the Day of God the Creator took place in the UGCC Parish of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, which is located in the Sukhoty village of the Brody District in Lviv region. In those festive measures participated Dr. Volodymyr Sheremeta, who is the Chief of the UGCC Office for Ecology; he has presented the recently established Christian library at the parish with a number of books on ecology.

The celebrations started with the Divine Liturgy, during which the people who attended expressed their gratitude to God for the presents and for the created world. “He who truly loves God the Creator, should love the world created by Him”, - emphasized the pastor Fr. Taras Dzioba during the preaching.

On the occasion of this holiday, one parishioner donated fir-trees which will be planted near the church. During the Christmas holidays, community will be solemnly decorating them and will not cut those trees.

The celebration of the Day of God the Creator in the parish ended with people watching the movie “House”, that demonstrates the beauty of our planet and the results of the devastations caused by the activities of people through the industrial production, wars and environmental disasters. This tape reveals to the viewers the real situation that exists on the planet.

Condition, in which we transfer our home- Earth to our children and descendants, depends on us, on our daily lifestyle and on our attitude towards the environment and towards those benefits that God presented us with. Our parish is one of the smallest, but also one among those few, which solemnly honored God the Creator; it is a well-known fact that all those big changes in the world depend on the small steps taken in this direction", - stressed the priest.

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