The Head of the UGCC consecrated a renewed studio of radio “Voskresinnya”

Tuesday, 03 November 2015, 13:53
On the 2nd of November, His Beatitude Sviatoslav consecrated a reorganized radio “Voskresinnya”. Radio studio was moved to Kyiv, nearby Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. The conception of the radio airplay was also changed. From now on, it is a socially religious project, where topics, interesting for a general audience, will be touched upon.

As father Igor Yatsiv mentioned in his comment, “Voskresinnya. Live Radio” is a 24-h internet radio station, where broadcasting, on one hand, follows good traditions of “Voskresinnya” radio and on the other hand lifts an activity to a higher level, having an intention to create a modern radio issue.

Creators of a new radio station are saying that their aim is to converse with an auditorium on various topics, however, being disposed as a churched one.

The programme politics will not be confined to services’ broadcasting and sermons only. Here will be held meetings with different interesting persons; discussions, news, sport and music will also be a part of it. And, above all, there will be a slogan: “With faith and love about everything”. 

There are always updated news’ line and a podcasts’ archive on the radio station’s website A special attention is paid to the musical content of the website. Besides the main broadcasting channel, where during the talk brakes a calm music with elements of jazz, lounge and electronic usually sounds, it has been set up a few additional channels with “musical specialization”. For instance, one of it transmits hymn “Ave, Maria” in the various interpretations, starting from academic choirs to instrumental jazz. Such kinds of versions are more than hundred in the radio storage.

All these measures became available owing to the help of German charitable organization “Church in need”.

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