The Head of the UGCC: "Shevchenko's oak will arrive in Argentina"

Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 11:04
In the frames of the action "Sprouts of Unity", which was launched by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, one of Shevchenko's oaks from Kaniv will arrive in the Argentine Republic. The Father and Head of the UGCC his Beatitude Sviatoslav said about this at the monument to Taras Shevchenko during the celebrations of Shevchenko's days in Buenos Aires.

The Primate noted that he personally goes on celebrating Shevchenko's days since he had already taken part in such  festivities in Prague. "And now I continue celebrating with my favorite brothers and sisters in Argentina, at the monument to Shevchenko, which is familiar to me and connected with many personal memories," said  his Beatitude Sviatoslav. 

At the solemnities was also present Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in Argentina Mr. Yurij Diudin and the Bishop Danyjil (Kozlynsky), eparch of the eparchy of Pokrovy (Veil) of Our Lady in Buenos Aires.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav said that this year our Church  initiated the action "Sprouts of Unity". According to his words, when someone was at the grave of Shevchenko, he could see that on those Dnieper's hills grow big centenarians oaks. "Those oaks give fruits - acorns, from which new sprouts grow. And we decided to launch an action "Sprouts of Unity". Those oaks, which grew up at Shevchenko's tomb, today are going out all over the world. Just on Saturday, March 11, the first wave of the action brought the young trees to various cities of Ukraine, to various parishes of our Church.  And it's very pleasant to me to announce this action  "Sprouts of Unity" in Argentina because Argentina will become the first country, where, thanks to the collaboration between our Church and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shevchenko's oak is going to be brought," informed the Head of UGCC.

"We would like," added the Primate, "the Argentinian land to welcome this oak sincerely as it used to accept our emigrants and give them place here."

The Head of the UGCC greeted the faithful and thanked them that they venerate our Ukrainian prophet. "I thank you that you are listening  to his word and are feeling that Shevchenko is the one who unites all of us, regardless of political views or various directions of public activity; he is one for each of us. Therefore at his monument, we all must be together, listening attentively to his words," said the Major Archbishop. 

According to his words, today,   where there's Shevchenko, where there is his monument, where there are people who remember him, - there is Ukraine there. "Therefore I thank you that you, with your love for your Motherland and for Taras Shevchenko, create Ukraine and Ukrainian space here in Argentina," said the Head of the Church to the Argentinian Ukrainians who will mark the 120-th anniversary of emigration this year.

At the end, the Head of the Church recited the poem "To Osnovianenko" by Taras Shevchenko.

We would like to remind you that on March 17 - 28 2017 the Father and Head of the UGCC his Beatitude Sviatoslav has been visiting the Argentine Republic with the pastoral visit.

The UGCC Department of Information 


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