UGCC Commission on Justice and Peace is beginning a project - University Dialogues: A Value Dimension of Politics

Tuesday, 25 December 2012, 12:29
UGCC Commission on Justice and Peace, together with the Department of Political Science at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University is beginning a project University Dialogues: A Value Dimension of Politics. This project became a logical continuation of the national project University - Democratic Values of Student Youth, which the Commission has been realizing the last few months of this year.

It is actually values themselves that to a large degree shape in the individual the type of behavior or choice.  In the sphere of politics, they also play a definitive role.  It is on the basis of values that an active attitude towards politics gets formed and expresses itself in goal-oriented actions; thanks to values, politics becomes integrated into the basic personality of a person.  In a crisis or during a transformation period, the expression of political values gains particular significance since it is then that society demands clear directives in how to  develop further.

Today the Ukrainian society faces the complicated issue of drawing up and consolidating clear value setting foundations to develop Ukrainian statehood. Therefore the Commission is focusing in its activities on issues related to consolidating democratic political values in the consciousness of Ukraine’s citizens.

On Tuesday (16.12), His Beatitude Lubomyr will meet with students to discuss Spiritual Dimensions of Politics.  The project also plans meetings with Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, a community activist, real member of the Roman Club and member of the group December First, and Prof. Paschal Ferrara, Secretary of the Institute of the European University (EUI)  and  manager of the analytical  section of the Ministry of Foreign Service in Italy.

Secretariat UGCC Commission on Justice and Peace


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