Ukrainian enlightening campaign under the Italian Parliament

Saturday, 29 March 2014, 13:37
On March 25 representatives of Ukrainian community in Rome held a flash mob at the Italian Parliament. Enlightenment campaign for Italian deputies was called "Where is Ukraine and what is going on there".

As we learned from the "Hyena", which went on the air last week, many parlamentaries believe that Ukraine is in Asia and did not orient in the latest events. For this reason, on the proposal of Maryana Tril’  this informative event was held.

Natalya Karfut and Olesya Tataryn developed and produced leaflets in Italian with brief information about Ukraine and with confutation of the major myths of Moscow propaganda. Participants talked about the actions of Putin's government in the Crimea, insisted that he was acting as Adolf Hitler in the late 30s of the last century and how it was ended for Europe.

The action participants noted that no gas is not worth the occupation of 46 million European country and therefore cannot allow the international community to close its eyes onto the illegal actions of Russia concerning Ukraine. During the action "Russian peacekeepers" "attacked" the protesters, illustrating this event in the Crimea. "If you do not want Russian soldier’s boot to trample Roman earth tomorrow, support the Ukrainian authorities today ", - said the Ukrainians.


Photos: Olesya Tataryn


Oles’ Gorodetskyi, organizing committee coordinator of Euromaidan in Rome


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