Volunteers in Pryluky complete campaign Shoes to Prisoners

Monday, 31 October 2011, 20:32
On October 23, Greek Catholic churches in Kyiv conducted a campaign Shoes to Prisoners. It was organized by volunteers of the Prison Ministry Center at the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC.
On October 23, Greek Catholic churches in Kyiv conducted a campaign Shoes to Prisoners. It was organized by volunteers of the Prison Ministry Center at the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC.
The campaign’s aim was to collect shoes for needy inmates at the Pryluky youth detention center.

On October 29, 2011, while visiting the Pryluky youth detention center Fr. Kostiantyn Panteley and volunteers Brother Ivan Zhuhan, a student at the KyivTheological Seminary of the UGCC, Julia Shcherbii, and Olha Petrashyk gave the youngest inmates 15 pairs of winter shoes and 45 pairs of brand newsocks and handkerchiefs. During the meetings with inmates, a conversation on the topic “You know that you are a man…” was held.  


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